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Note: the tracks "Through the Night" and "Carriage" only appear on the CD + downloads, not on the vinyl.


released February 4, 2013

All songs written by Bjarke Bendtsen, produced, played & recorded by Mads Hartmann, James Talambas & Bjarke Bendtsen, mixed by Mads Hartmann & Bjarke Bendtsen, mastered by Mads Hartmann.
Add. musicians: Malene Nielsen on violin, flute and backing vocals, Tamara Brown on violin, André Bak on horns, Darrin Kobetich on sitar.
Cover necklace by Mette Kuhlmann Nielsen, photos by Mads Hartmann, layout by Mads Hartmann & Bjarke Bendtsen.

HUGE THANKS to everyone mentioned above, especially Mads Hartmann and James Talambas. Also thanks to Marcus Lawyer, Carey McGraw, the Cph & Austin live bands, Morten Hvid (live sound) Anthony Erickson & Eye in the Sky Collective, Wild Child, Alexandra Hartmann, Thomas Svane & all the other dear people who’ve supported along the way.



all rights reserved


The Migrant Copenhagen, Denmark

The Migrant R.I.P. 2009-2016
The sequel is called Rainbrother

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Track Name: The Lion
The Lion

In the purple morning
when the grass is wet
and mosquitos bite my fingers
and dive into my hair
and someone starts snoring
and I feel old
then I see the lion
at the end of the slope

Underneath the lion
is a bench of funny men
I can't hear their laughter
with the lion's snore in my head
We walked down to drink the water
and the fish and rocks appeared
and I thought I had the answer
to what I couldn't hear
But then Hemingway came crawling
with a spear through his back
and he asked me 'bout my father
and if I knew him well
And he walks into the kitchen
and grabs a kitchen knife
while I'm in the sink with
a fish that's still alive
Then a thunderstorm rumbles
and clouds my tired eyes
my fingers pulling, deep in
the mane of the lion
Track Name: Beads

When the body sleeps
and the mind is falling
piecing together
When the running stream
twisting and dropping
turning a hillside

From the daily bleeds (I know you've been)
grabbing for battles (I know you've been)
eager like seabirds
to eat
To the darkest deeps (I don't know the)
circling secrets (I don't know the)
strange combinations
of beads
Track Name: Ask the Current
Ask the Current

Hear the big sea whisper up the stream
let your big feet rest and come to me
when the bright sheen's blinding and you bow
ask the current where you wanna go

Join the big fleet rafting to the coast
ducks and old trees floating like they know
where the blind meet you can hunt alone
ask the current where you wanna go

When you need me i'm by the coast
salt for Gandhi, shanti for my soul
schools of fly fish stirring up my poem
ask the current where you wanna go
Track Name: Strangers

What's the answer to this
where's the pillow I miss
When you need my lips
when you need my lips

Like tumbling red leaves
over tangled white sheets
When you need my lips
when you need my lips
Track Name: Through the Night
Through the Night

Down to my room
by the pier
comes winter gloom
lies here

Drowned fishermen
cold stones
swirl through the night
sail home

In the dark I close my eyes
I can feel the breeze
I can hear the creaking walls
and paintings shake
I can count a million smiles
on the windy beach
and the smile I'm longing for
is staying with me

In the dark I close my eyes
I can hear her breathe
I can kiss her amber neck
the sweat on her cheek
I can hear a million cries
filling up the boats
and waves take them out
away from the coast
In the dark I close my eyes
I can feel the breeze
I can hear the creaking walls
and paintings shake

Love makes you high
love dopes
fall through the night
fly home
Track Name: Days

Days are gone
lie around us
fly summer love
warm and tender

hearts shall stop
breath and silence
shy little dove
save your letter

who would wait
for the answer
every dream
takes the answer back
Track Name: Nuts

Someone make my heart ache
warm it up for good

Take me off the highway
plant me in this hood

Let me keep a nut shop
whistle me the news

All nuts left to rotten
what you gonna do

When someone down the sidewalk
could crack me amused
Track Name: Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Amsterdam
you don't know what you're doing, an accident?
you're stuck in the city and it pays you well
you need your fix, you keep spinning

Amsterdam, Amsterdam
when they fill your mouth with sticky affairs
and your pimp leaves you without a hair
and the view from your window is narrow and clear
just dance

Pandering, pandering
you don't know what you're doing, no way to complain
you can hold your breath and keep swimming
from a measured distance no one can tell
just dance
Track Name: The Pony
The Pony

I've been riding on a pony for a month and a half
it's a sweet little creature that takes me back
to the days in preschool when things went fast

It is tiny but a speedily riding pony in love
with the flowers by the side road and the Wizard of Oz
it's a-dreaming, jumping
and it don't look back

it goes uuuuh

It don't mind that sugar isn't out everywhere
and it's laughing hard when the cows are staring
and it cries every time that it hears a good tune

It'll carry you and all the heavy things that you have
putting smiles on peoples' faces
yeah you give it something
and it takes you back

you go uuuuh

it goes uuuuuh
Track Name: Carriage

When the bag is too heavy I stop
when the bag is heavy I don't walk

When the view is scenic, oh I lay down
when the mountain's too steep I pass out

And when I get up
still sleepy
I can find the way
to your window
like the wind
through the door
without bags
or food
can you believe
Track Name: Place to Rest
Place to Rest

It's October
I would like to find a place to rest
somewhere I can stretch myself for the winter
lie naked on a bed

Up by Oslo
they got water that tastes so good
wooden houses where the patients get waffles
or you can hide in the woods

No I'll walk the alleys
laugh with all the people fashion holds
and we'll all be crying
shiny tears and praise our homes

Don't you panic brother
there is space for us to settle down
you can be my neighbor
we can build a town of clowns
Track Name: Kids

Kids, water hose, garden crops up
Tricks, the summer bugs you hold
Look, your hat is gone, a trampoline

Girls, the tallest grass, you have it all
shade, to blossom and to drift away